Holiday Mission

Agents also need a holiday. And they use this time to prepare for their next assignment. What are you doing during your holidays? Choose one of our weekly missions and dive into the digital world.

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Holiday courses in a new format

YIA offers an easy and flexible format of our holiday courses. You can register for individual half-days. Participants can then work on various modules. So choose a course and then choose the half days you would like to attend.
The half-day courses build on each other so that the children can attend the same course several times and solve different tasks each day.

Price: 80.- for the first half day, 60.- for each further half day.

Are you looking for a whole-day solution? Book a pre- and afternoon course (discount will not be visible when booking, but will be taken into account on the invoice). Please contact us if you need a solution for lunch or if you have any questions.

Sibling discount: 15% for the second sibling (will be deducted from the invoice once appointment is confirmed).

Morning arrival from 8:30
Afternoon arrival from 13:00

  Week 2.8.2021 – 6.8.2021 (Baden)

Youth Intelligence Agency

YIA teaches children in a fun way how technology, computers and robotics work and that there is more to a computer than games and videos. In our courses, children gain a basic understanding of technology and realise what is possible with technology and a little imagination.

Meet Youth Intelligence Agency


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