Digital Scouts

On Saturday at YIA’s Mission Center, go on a mission as an agent and explore the digital world. Programming, 3D design, robotics, constructions from straws or discover Minecraft. There is something for everyone. The focus is always on fun. Explore the depths of the digital world and discover your strengths. Below are some examples of the missions.

Robot Dash

Have hours of fun with the Dash robot. Even the younger ones can navigate Dash through mazes and the older ones can write their own small programs using the block language.

From kindergarten

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Hour of Code in the Minecraft world

Dive into the world of Minecraft with Alex and Steve. Learn the basic commands to steer them to their destination, cut down trees or collect ore.

From 3rd grade

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The little wooden robot works without a screen. You guide him through his adventures with his colorful stones.

From kindergarten

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3D design and printing

Dive into the world of 3D modelling. Find your favourite model online and learn how to print it with the Prusa 3D printer or how to create your own model with TinkerCAD or Sketchup.

From 4th grade

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Hour of Code with Anna and Elsa

With Elsa and Anna you create magical snowflakes with the magic of code language. Guide them and create your unique snowflake. Because no two snowflakes are alike.

From 3rd grade

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Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a handy computer that allows you to do all kinds of projects. Work on your own Rasperry Pi project in one or more afternoons.

From 6th grade

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Building, experimenting and testing with Strawbees. Build a bridge, a house, a crane, a Ferris wheel or a fan. Combine everything with lights and motors for lots of fun.

From 1st grade

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Learn the basics of game design and create your own game in Scratch or choose one of five designs.

From 2nd grade

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Youth Intelligence Agency

YIA teaches children in a fun way how technology, computers and robotics work and that there is more to a computer than games and videos. In our courses, children gain a basic understanding of technology and realise what is possible with technology and a little imagination.

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