Our Mission: take kids in to the digital era.

The YIA association offers to children who are enthusiastic about technology the opportunity to exchange ideas with other children in order to shape the future in a new way. Programming, electronics, mechanics, robotics, design. With us, the limits are not set but pushed.

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About Youth Intelligence Agency

YIA was founded in 2017 by Renata and Henrique Säuberli so that girls and boys from the age of 8 can learn through play how technology and computers work and that there is more to computers than just games and videos.

Computational thinking refers to the ability to handle digital tools and technologies skillfully and to work on (complex) problems in such a way that they can be solved with the help of digital devices – a key competence in the world of the 21st century.

We want to teach children the basics of this skill and help them understand the concepts on which today’s technologies are built. Our courses cover the basics of computer science such as algorithms, loops and simple programming.

The children are introduced to designing, testing and prototyping in a fun and playful way in an inspiring environment – all important aspects of an innovation process. The YIA agents apply what they have learned directly to their own inventions. We let the children’s creativity run free and explain to them how they can turn their ideas and inventions into an app or into Minecraft. We also show them how they can continue learning on their own at home or at school.

YIA & Codillion

As part of a new partnership, Zurich-based Codillion handed over the management of its services to Youth Intelligence Agency on 1 September 2019. The offer could thus be expanded at both locations.

The Team

YIA is an association of technology enthusiasts.

All members of the association are working on finding new ways to introduce children to the topic of technology and digitalisation and to accompany them on their journey of discovery.

Renata Säuberli

President (Board of Directors)

Anja Haist


Talant Ziadinov


Adrian Büchli


Henrique Säuberli

Project Management (Board of Directors)

Vanessa Steinmann


Enya Baer



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YIA promotes young people’s interest in technology.

Companies have recognised the need to get young people interested in technology at an early age. YIA actively promotes the interest of the next generation and relies on strong partners for this work.
In a partnership with YIA, you not only benefit from various advertising and sponsorship opportunities, but actively promote the interest of young people. Of course, we are also open to new and interesting ideas. Innovation is a top priority at YIA.
With and thanks to your help, we can continuously expand our offer and thus reach more young people.
Many thanks for your support!

For any questions regarding sponsorship or your support, please contact our President:

Renata Säuberli
Mobile: 076  535 33 77

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't my child still too young for a programming course?

Our courses are suitable for children from 5 years old (2nd kindergarten). There are courses that work exclusively with tablets. We use laptops for the Game Designers group. At YIA, the focus is on discovery, creativity and friendship alongside computer skills. The children can discover what fascinates them in a safe and controlled environment, they can experiment and find out what they can achieve with their skills – and they always do this together with other children.

The children are allowed to use computers and the internet for course purposes only.

Can children with special needs attend the courses?

Our courses are not explicitly aimed at children with special needs, but some of our teachers are trained accordingly and can integrate children with special needs to a certain extent. When children can attend school without extra help, things usually go very well in our courses.

However, if a child needs a chaperone at all times, you would need to ensure that this person is also present at the YIA courses. In any case, the accompanying person must be older than 18 years. We also offer private lessons if this is desired.

Please contact us before registering a child with special needs, either by telephone at 044 512 18 18 or by E-Mail at info@yia.agency.

How do I register my child?

Registrations are updated on an ongoing basis. You can register online or send us an email with your name, address and desired course (info@yia.agency). Registrations must be made by a parent or guardian.

Does my child need to bring their own laptop or iPad?
No, all technical equipment is provided by us. The laptops are worked on in teams of two. The tablets are worked on individually.
Which software will be used?
On the Windows laptops we use Scratch, Tynker, CodeCombat, CS-First and Python. On the Android tablets, ScratchJr and the apps from Wonder Workshop (Dash) and LegoBoost are installed.


We think the following TED talks about children and computer science are great. Do you?

Youth Intelligence Agency

YIA teaches children in a fun way how technology, computers and robotics work and that there is more to a computer than games and videos. In our courses, children gain a basic understanding of technology and realise what is possible with technology and a little imagination.

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